vibullettal 1. Necessary to the existence, continuance, or well-being of something: indispensable; essential. 2. Having remarkable energy, liveliness or force of personality. 3. Of critical importance.

For B2B Publishers

Revitalizing underperforming brands

Brand licensing allows the publisher to convert an underperforming asset into a guaranteed fixed revenue stream at no cost.

Vital Business Media will license a brand, deploy it on our Web platform, take over all personnel costs and invest in audience development in order to turn the brand into a profitable online and events-based business.

For B2B Marketers

Cultivating sales-ready leads

Vital Business Media provides a suite of lead cultivation and thought leadership marketing solutions. From tailored custom content packages (micro sites, email newsletters, videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.) to traditional white paper and Webinar programs, our advanced ad serving technology allows you to target prospects by their demographics as well as reading habits.

For Professionals

Trusted discourse between industry professionals

Vital Business Media communities are places for like-minded professionals to do more than just find content tailored to their disciplines; we offer a place where peers, vendors and editors can share and debate the most timely and critical industry issues.

We cultivate communities that make it easier for industry professionals to get what they need, whether it's choosing a vendor, troubleshooting a business problem, building relationships with industry peers or just staying better informed.